Llew Ann King

Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary

When Llew Ann King tells you an interesting tidbit about Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary, rest assured it’s true. For more than 20 years, she’s actively volunteered at the preserve, watching it go from farmland to flourishing wildlife sanctuary and grow to 300 acres of protected green space.


A longtime board member with a knack for recruiting donors, Llew Ann’s work at Owl’s Hill has run the gamut from caring for the gardens to co-chairing the first and second Dinner in the Forest, the nonprofit’s first-ever fundraiser. She was inspired to earn her Tennessee Naturalist certification and gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of Owl’s Hill’s conservation, preservation and education efforts. Visiting school children get an insightful lesson on the wonders of nature when Llew Ann is leading their hikes.


As one who’s always been drawn to the outdoors, Llew Ann values how “Owl’s Hill embraces and protects the essence of Middle Tennessee’s natural environment and presents it in a way that engages the first-time visitor or longtime volunteer.” As the region continues to grow, Owl’s Hill will provide outdoor experiences for new and old residents of all ages and for generations to come, thanks to volunteers like Llew Ann.

Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary

Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary's mission is environmental education, restoration of native flora and fauna, and conservation and protection of natural resources, while spreading an appreciation and enjoyment of nature