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Laurie Seabury

Laurie Seabury

Oz Arts Nashville / Nashville Symphony

One thing is certain: Laurie Seabury loves the arts — classical and contemporary. Both the Nashville Symphony and Oz Arts Nashville nominated her for Model Behavior. With her last child in college, she’s generously devoted her time, energy and resources to these two beloved nonprofits. "Also," she admits, "being busy helps me stay out of trouble."


Laurie and her husband, Jim, have been patrons of the Nashville Symphony for more than 30 years, but lately she’s taken a more hands-on approach. She co-chaired the 2018 Symphony Ball with Katie Crumbo and raised a record amount. Planning the white-tie gala gave her a new appreciation for the nonprofit’s leadership and musicians, and she feels fortunate to call the hardworking staff her friends.


As for Oz Arts, Laurie has known the Ozgener family for years and endorsed their concept for the city’s first contemporary arts center from the start. A current board member, she’s worked on its two major fundraisers: CigArt and Conversations at Oz. Her definition of "art" and understanding of it has expanded considerably, and she’s grateful to Oz Arts for presenting multiple disciplines for all people to enjoy.


Laurie’s learned a lot about the Nashville Symphony and Oz Arts in the past few years — the organizations' histories, the people who paved the way for success and those who keep them going. Now she’s ready and willing to share her knowledge and passion with the next generation of supporters.

Oz Arts Nashville

Oz Arts supports the creation, development and presentation of significant performing and visual art works by leading artists whose contribution influences the advancement of their field.


Nashville Symphony

The Nashville Symphony inspires, entertains and educates through excellence in musical performance.

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